Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

Ambassador Godfrey Brock-Gadd has a number of achievements and has been recognized by a number of institutions and organizations for his noteworthy service to others. Most recently he was recognized as a Kentucky Colonel by the founder of Globcal International and their commissioners.

Professional Life Honors

Prior to becoming a goodwill ambassador with Globcal International and the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation he applied himself as a member of the Royal Household during HM Queen Elizabeth's 13th year on the throne, on her 15th year some of her Majesty's staff were presented with the coronation medal.

Godfrey has been presented with the Coronation Medal, Silver Jubilee Medal 1952-1977, Golden Jubilee Medal 1952-2002, Diamond Jubilee Medal 1952-2012, and the Sapphire Jubilee Medal which was given on Her Majesty's 65th year on the throne, hopefully HM will still be with us for her Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for nearly three quarters of a century.

His Excellency was accepted by HM the Omukama and HM the Omugo of the Kingdom, Bunyoro-Kitara (Oldest Kingdom in the Republic of Uganda) he was appointed to become the Ambassador to Ireland, and then the Ambassador to Europe.

Currently he serves as the Ambassador to Ireland for HM Oheneba Nana Kwame Obeng II of the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim where he was awarded to become a Knight in Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog.

Fraternal Orders

His Excellency is a member of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes since 1966, and is of the second degree. The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) is one of the largest fraternal organisations in the United Kingdom. The order started in 1822 and is known as the Buffs to members. The RAOB organisation aids members, their families, dependants of former members and other charitable organisations.

Community Service Awards

Ambassador Brock-Gadd has received several community service awards for his local work and volunteerism in Belfast.

Godfrey Brock-Gadd with Medals
Ambassador Godfrey Brock-Gadd displaying medals and brevets awarded to him.

Jewel (Medal) for Knight in Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog, for Charity work and Ambassador to Ireland for HM Oheneba Nana Kwane Obeng II of the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim.

1. Top left Certificate for Belfast Volunteer Belfast Food Network

2, Middle Left Certificate of Service HM the Queen

3. Middle Right Presentation at Belfast City Hall

4. Top right I got two awards the same but different years 2018/2019

5. Bottom left giving a talk on the Royal Household to a Belfast charity